Amid the fury surrounding the players in the NFL acting like children on the field, advertisers are getting the message from Americans and hitting the league where it counts – in the wallet.

While the left continues to try to convince us that somehow athletes are special and above any criticism for their ridiculous protests, the fact of the matter is they’re not, and now they’re going to start feeling the effects.

We’ve already reported that the league stands to lose over $200 million in ad revenues as viewers simply tune this garbage out. This comes amid reports that ratings for the league are plummeting amid the on-field controversy and players flipping the bird at our flag and veterans.

Now, the league is suffering another major blow after a weekend of protests enraged the entire nation, with polling showing the vast majority of Americans agree with President Trump – these ungrateful bastards need to respect our country.

The nation’s oldest suit maker, Hardwick Clothing, is completely dropping its sponsorship of the league.

“Our company will not condone unpatriotic behavior!” CEO Allan Jones said in a statement.

From the Times Free Press:

Two years ago, Cleveland, Tenn., businessman Allan Jones was proudly showing off his newly acquired Hardwick Clothing-brand suits by providing the wardrobe for NBC’s on-air talent during the network’s broadcasts of NFL football games.

But after NFL players and coaches challenged President Donald Trump and many took a knee during the national anthem played before their games over the weekend, Jones said he is through sponsoring the wardrobes or advertising on stations that air the National Football League.

Jones, CEO of the payday lending chain Check Into Cash and owner of Hardwick Clothes, America’s oldest suit maker – tweeted his criticism and change of heart Tuesday.

Again, the NFL is not going to like the way this turns out if it keeps up.

The only reason these snots even have the platform they have is because of the fans, so it’s really not a good idea to upset them. We don’t need football any more than we need women’s curling, but we enjoy watching the sport.