Clippers Use Virtual Reality To Improve Jordan’s Free Throws

The Clippers center and Rio de Janeiro gold winner shoots for one point only 42.5%. He’s so bad that the team is willing to take unorthodox approach in order to increase this percentage.

Deandre Jordan is so desperate at free throws (42.5%) that the leading people of Los Angeles Clippers tried to use virtual reality in order to improve the center’s percentage.

How does it work?

Put the VR device on your head and watch yourself as you shoot free throws. You can watch in first person. You can hear how the ball passes through the net. You also have the option to watch your technique from different angles and look for the mistakes you make.

Interestingly, something similar earlier tried Detroit with Andre Drummond who pointed out that this method of exercise is terribly difficult and that it was hell for a few days or weeks.

We’ll see if it helps Jordan.