Gingrich Goes Nuclear – JUST Released New Details On Mueller That Will FINALLY Take Him Down!

Newt Gingrich penned an explosive article the Washington Examiner  putting special counsel Robert Mueller on blast for filling “his presidential hunting expedition with liberal lawyers.”

Gingrich highlighted the fact that yet another Democrat donor has been added to Mueller’s investigative team- Elizabeth Prelogar, an attorney in the Office of the Solicitor General who has given a total of $750 to Obama and Hillary presidential campaigns. According to Gingrich, she joins four other attorneys on the team who have donated over $50,000 combined to Democrat campaigns.

But that’s not all, he notes two important numbers that also bolster the idea of Mueller’s Democratic bias:

Department of Justice employees gave $286,797 to the Clinton campaign in 2016, and a mere $8,756 to Trump.

Mueller was a partner at WilmerHale law firm before being appointed special counsel. Employees from this law firm donated a collective $326,798 to Clinton in 2016 and $628 to Trump. Mueller has also been recruiting lawyers from this firm to work on the Trump investigation.

Three of Mueller’s seven identified attorneys have worked for both the DOJ and WilmerHale. The other four come from other federal agencies. Gingrich asks an important question:

“How could any reasonable person say that a group of attorneys from either the Department of Justice or WilmerHale will be honest, objective truth-seekers, when it is clear that so many gave overwhelmingly to Hillary Clinton?”

This Russia investigation is turning into an ideological witch hunt with so many liberal lawyers involved the investigation. Gingrich is one of the few people speaking out against Mueller’s obvious bias, and of course, the media isn’t covering it.