HEADSMACK: Michelle Obama CAME UNHINGED When She Saw What Tomi Lahren Just Said On Live TV

Tomi Lahren’s no-nonsense persona is the primary reason she is now a major contributor to Fox News.

She fiercely ponds out a reality check to the crazy liberals who parade around thinking they know everything about everything.

The most recent loony Liberal example is former First Lady Michelle Obama’s recent controversial comments on women who voted for Trump. She said that women who voted for Trump voted “against their own voice.” Being that 42% of women in the country voted for him, there was major backlash over these comments.

Deplorable women from all across the nation slammed Michelle for her rude comments, the greatest punch back was from Tomi Lahren. Watch All Hell Break Loose Here:

“You’re dang right I voted against Hillary Clinton, and the fact Mrs. Obama thinks that makes me less of a woman tells you everything you need to know about the left. No Michelle, as a woman I did not want the first female president to be Hillary Clinton and for good reason. I also didn’t want another four years of your husband’s failed legacy.

Oh, and trust me, I didn’t lose my voice. You’re gonna hear my voice, loud and clear. How dare you diminish and degrade my vote! How dare you look down on Trump-supporting women!

Ya know, contrary to the left’s popular belief, you don’t have to march in the streets with female genitalia on your head to have a voice. See, millions of women made a different march, a march into the voting booth to vote for our interests, our country and Donald J. Trump.

Those are my final thoughts, Michelle. I hope you heard my voice and you’ll remember it next time you talk down to free-thinking, Trump-supporting, America-loving women.”