The House Intelligence Committee suspects reporters were paid to spread Russia collusion narrative

We know that the mainstream media play huge role when it comes to the Russia collusion. The people are aware of the fact that the MSM is capable to report anything just to harm President Trump so they can spread their Left biased agenda.

President Trump is attacked by the mainstream media on a daily basis. The reporters, who are spreading the anti-Trump narrative, are spinning the Russia collusion story just to save the neck of the Democrats.

As it turns out, some suspicions are pointing out that some reporters were paid to report collusion claims. The Russia dossier investigators believe that the reporters were getting money to spread the fake collusion narrative.

California Representative Devin Nunes sent request to the Fusion GPS, the firm behind the infamous ‘Trump dossier,’ in which he asks the firm to submit its banking records to the House Intelligence Committee so it can see if money made to the research firm were transferred to reporters.

Fusion GPS opposed the Nunes’ request. Their law firm came up with a memorandum in which they did not deny making payments to journalists.


“It is contrived to substitute for the ridiculous notion that Intervenor [the House committee] can demand documents in an overbroad subpoena from a third party and not explain what it is looking for or why,” said a memorandum filed by Fusion’s law firm, Zuckerman Spaeder LLP, for U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan.

As a response to Nune’s demand, they also cited the First Amendment protection and confidentiality.

“And they are not pertinent, as they are not related to Russia or Donald Trump. In attempting to justify the overbroad subpoena earlier, Intervenor could have, but of course did not, argue the relevance to its inquiry of any such payments.”

This is going to be an interesting development. Have you had in mind that individual journalist might be taking bribes? All of this mess is starting to make sense.There seems to be no reason for a reporter to embarrass himself on TV by reporting fake news, except for the bribe. What do you think on this? Share this post on Facebook and Twitter along with your comments.