Manning Brothers Side With Matt Ryan On Super Bowl LI

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan on Sunday for the first time in his career will play in the Super Bowl, but before the most important game of this part of his career he decided to consult with colleagues who have much more experience than him.

After Ryan’s arrival in Houston, where the 51st edition Super Bowl will take place, discovered that he contacted Peyton and Eli Manning before meeting with New England Patriots. The 31-year-old quarterback with Peyton talked about preparing for the Super Bowl, and with his brother on how to defeat the Patriots.

Both Peyton and Eli have two Super Bowl. Eli won both of them with wins against Tom Brady and the Patriots. Peyton have two victories and defeats in the Super Bowl, and retired from football after last year’s triumph with the Denver Broncos.

Eli has a perfect performance in the Super Bowl and is the creator of some of the plays that are most remembered in the history of the NFL.