Nick Diaz: “Alvarez Wants To Believe He’s A Winner, McGregor Knows He’s One”

The fight between Conor McGregor and Eddie Alvarez is still a top subject. Praise at the expense of the Irish fighter already arrived from all mainstream media, but also a good part of his colleagues from the martial world. On the other hand, there is more and more of those who criticize the poor performance of the former champion Alvarez.

After hearing criticism from the first challenger Khabib Nurmagomedov, opinion about the fighter from Philadelphia gave Nick Diaz which on this occasion stressed that he does not mind Alvarez statement which somewhat belittled his younger brother Nate.

“I have nothing against Alvarez, actually i like the guy. He said some things (about Nate, remark), but that does’t bother me. Generally, i’m just disappointed with him because of what he did in that fight. I want to feel sympathy, but you don’t want to belittle him. What I’m trying to say is that he invested so much time and energy on unnecessary things. I think McGregor used the time leading up to the fight much, much better.

Eddie somehow thinks she’s a winner and wants to believe it, but McGregor knows why he’s one. Faith in yourself should be based on the things that are working. I know what i’m looking for. A lot of people do not have time for what i do and have their whole life to them, and that’s what he have,” said Diaz on The Jasta Show.