Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, Victim of the NFL Protest Karma Curse

Rodgers inserted himself into the league’s scrum with President Trump over the kneeling during the playing of the national anthem when he practically ordered Packers fans to all link arms in the stands during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner at a Thursday night game at Lambeau Field three weeks ago.

The fans chose not to take their multimillionaire activist quarterback’s efforts to act as a peacemaker to heart and the response was underwhelming, to say the least. Rodgers was so rattled after his wishes were not honored, that he went off during the postgame press conference and blamed everything on Trump. Fox Sports host Shannon Sharpe took it a step further by insinuating that Packers fans were all racists for not acting like trained monkeys responding to their organ grinder in green and gold.

Yesterday, Karma came a calling in the form of Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr who drove Rodgers into the turf – ironically while the All-Pro was throwing a pass to the brother of leading malcontent Michael Bennett – and was hauled off the field on a cart.

Martellus Bennett dropped the pass, such are the way things go when protests are more important than practice and studying the playbook.

Rodgers did not return to the game and the Packers have announced that their superstar has a broken collarbone which could sideline him for the rest of the season.

While it is always possible that he could heal quickly and return in time for the playoffs, there likely won’t be any playoffs as the team is totally dependent on Rodgers.


Who knows but things have a way of working in mysterious ways sometimes. He will have plenty of time to throw himself into the national anthem controversy now that he won’t be throwing a football anytime soon.