There Is New Limit: As Of Today He Is The Best Paid Player In The History Of American Football!!!

The quarterback of Indianapolis Colts 26-year-old Andrew Luck has signed a new six-year contract which is worth $ 140 million, and he became the best paid player in the history of American football.

Luck is guaranteed earnings of $ 75 million in the first three seasons of the new contract, but the total amount surpassed the previous record holder, the quarterback of Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacca, whose average annual income is $ 22.1 million.

Colts chose Luck as the first in the NFL draft in 2012, seeing in him a similar potential an believing that he is the right replacement for the legendary Peyton Manning, who until 2011 was the leader of Indianapolis.
Under Luck’s guidance the Colts in his first three seasons, managed to win a place in the playoffs and twice they were champions of the Southern Division of the AFC, but they haven’t reached the Super Bowl.

The closest to the Super Bowl they were in 2014, when they were defeated in the semifinals of the playoffs 45-7 by the eventual champions New England Patriots, and this duel later evolved into the affair, the famous “Deflategate”, because of the under-inflated balls with which they played. Patriots were fined a million dollars and lost the right to choose in the draft, and their quarterback Tom Brady had to miss the first four games last season.