Revis: I Don’t Know If I’m Staying With The Jets

The veteran cornerback has signed a 5 year, $70,121,060 contract with the New York Jets, including $39,000,000 guaranteed but he’s not sure that he will stay with the team after this season.

It was after the defeat from his former team, a 22-17 loss to the Jets’ arch-nemesis that Revis admitted to the journalists that the future is uncertain.

It used to be “Revis Island” once, whatever was thrown to him, remained there, but now, most of the passes go over to his side because he’s simply a weak link in the Jets secondary and it was his fault for a good number of points conceded by them.

“We’ll see what happens. We still don’t know anything,” said Revis when asked why his team has a score of 3-8.

Whatever happens after the season, Revis has accomplished a lot throughout his career in term of money, stats and he’s even got the championship ring from the  2014 season with the Patriots. The regression is obvious. Will he move to safety like Charles Woodson did or he’ll simply retire. Time will tell.