Robert De Niro : “If Companies Refuse To Sponsor NFL Me and My Friends Are Ready To Help Sponsor Them”

Robert De Niro has said that the US has become a “tragic, dumbass comedy” under Donald Trump, and urged students to “work to stop the insanity” of his presidency.

The actor made the comments during a commencement ceremony speech at Brown University in Rhode Island, where he was receiving an honorary doctorate of fine arts.

We previously reported that amid the growing furor over the NFL’s acceptance of its players disrespecting our nation, the league is receiving some bad news from Washington and that a bill to remove the subsidies introduced over the summer by Democrat Sen. Corey Booker and Republican Sen. James Lankford is gaining momentum in the Senate.

Now Mr. De Niro says that if that is the case and companies refuses to sponsor NFL he and his friends are ready to help them.

We are sure that this is the libtard in De Niro speaking but…

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