After Trump and Melania Land in China, They Look Down & Can’t Believe Their Eyes

On Wednesday, President Trump and First Lady Melania left South Korea and flew to China for the third leg of their Asian tour. While there, they will meet with China’s president Xi, and will be discussing ways of maintaining control over North Korea. This is an important stop on Trump’s tour, as China is responsible for much of North Korea’s economic expansion.

When Trump and Melania stepped off of Airforce One in China, they couldn’t believe their eyes! The welcome that the Chinese had prepared for them was absolutely incredible! There was a line of people out to greet them – both military and government officials. At the end of the line was a huge gathering of children waving Chinese and American flags – making a tunnel for the President and First Lady to walk under.

Trump and Melania were also greeted with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for each of them. As they walk down the aisle with their bouquets, the crowd cheers support for them.

It is incredible to see other countries give our President the respect he deserves, especially when America fails to show such appreciation. Hopefully mainstream media will be taking note of the admiration that the rest of the world has for our President.

Keep Trump and Melania in your prayers as they continue their Asian trip and make our world a safer place for everyone!