WATCH: Over 7,000 Southerners Send Huge “F YOU” To NFL Kneelers… Look What They Did!

This is one of the more wonderful things you will see all day. With all the bullsh*t going on in the NFL with spoiled thugs disrespecting our flag, National Anthem, police, our president and our country it’s great to see what REAL Americans have to say and how they really feel.

Of course, we’ve seen the videos of ex-fans burning their NFL gear and tickets and we have seen boycotting and loss of sponsorships etc.

More than 7,000 Southern Gospel music fans at the National Quartet Convention condemned the “insufferable attitudes of millionaire athletes” in the National Football League, Todd Starnes at Todd reported.

“We decided that we at the NQC [National Quartet Convention] could show the world how to properly honor that flag and the Republic for which it stands,” Executive Director Clarke Beasley said.

Thousands of Southern Gospel music fans gathered from around the nation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to take part in the annual convention.

It’s a week of toe-tapping fellowship and singing with groups like Greater Vision, The Mylon Hayes Family, The Taylors and the Erwins.

But for just a moment, the National Quartet Convention paused for a moment to send a message to the National Football League — and honestly – to the nation.

They literally took a stand to protest those who take a knee.

Beasley introduced the U.S. Army Quartet to an extended standing ovation as they led the audience in the National Anthem. Afterwards, the crowd remained standing as they performed the great Lee Greenwood anthem, “Proud to be an American.”

Video of the event shows patriotic Americans openly weeping and waving their hands in the air in honor of the military.

“We have the greatest, most powerful military in the world – comprised of the sons and daughters of our neighbors who voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way to protect our freedom,” Beasley said.

“If we take a knee it should be to thank God for people like you,” he said, referring to the U.S. Army Quartet.

And we should also thank God for people like those who attended the National Quartet Convention. They are Heartland patriots, all.

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