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A 3-Ingredient Tofu Pudding For The Hottest Days

The one factor higher than a superb recipe? When one thing’s really easy that you simply don’t even want one. Welcome to It’s That Easy, a column the place we discuss you thru the dishes and drinks you can also make along with your eyes closed.

There are 100 methods you may maintain cool through the canine days of summer season: eat ice cream, chilled noodles, or sip in your favourite frozen boozy Drink, maybe. I spent my childhood consuming candy ginger tofu, dou-fu hua (豆腐花), or douhua, through the hottest days of the yr. It’s the simplest dessert I do know.

Rising up in Australia, my mother would both minimize an enormous wedge of watermelon, slice a cheek of sun-ripened mango, or my favourite, whip up a bowl of candy ginger tofu to chill down her red-faced daughter after College. Just like the style and texture of caramel flan, this silky, jiggly dessert is served in a glowing golden syrup product of ginger and molasses.

Throughout Asia there are different riffs off this fashionable dessert that add chewy boba pearls, sweetened beans, or bullet-shaped noodles product of glutinous rice flour. In Taiwan, my reminiscence of douhua was consuming in a avenue market with my mother sitting beside me, fanning herself with a serviette, the 2 of us counting on the tofu dessert to assuage us. It offered aid from the sticky Taiwanese climate, albeit for a short time.

Though it has been a few years since visiting Taiwan with my mother, I’ve continued to eat douhua at residence as a result of it’s such a easy recipe. The standard model begins with contemporary soy milk and curdles it with contemporary ginger, yielding a custardy tofu-like pudding. To maintain it easy, I flip to silken tofu as a substitute.

How one can make douhua:

In a medium saucepan, carry 2 cups water, 3–5 slices of ginger and 1 cup darkish brown sugar (or 1 stick brown rock sugar as my mother would use) to a boil, then cut back to a simmer till all of the sugar has dissolved. You’ll be able to boil the sugar syrup for an extended time if you’d like a stickier sauce, however I want mine extra liquidy. Switch to a jar and chill the syrup earlier than serving.

Open a packet of your favourite silken tofu (my go-to is Home extra-soft tofu). Drain the tofu and scoop as a lot as you’d like right into a bowl utilizing a big spoon. Pour your chilled ginger syrup over the tofu—both a drizzle, or a beneficiant douse, should you want. You’ll be able to embellish with sago pearls, boba balls and candy pink bean paste too, however the dessert is attractive by itself.

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