Area In Southern Gaza In Ruins After Israeli Bombardment

Al-Zahra sits 10 kms south of Gaza City. The place to find the University of Palestine, the neighborhood ended up being decreased to rubble in Israeli moves. Euronews correspondent Nebal Hajjo talked with survivors with the assault on a lawn.

The Al-Zahra neighborhood in south Gaza is within wrecks after Israel bombarded the area earlier in the day this few days. 

Palestinian authorities state significantly more than 98,000 houses being lowered to rubble throughout the region.

Israel established the bombing promotion in the seventh of Oct as a result on the Hamas militant group’s problems in south Israel.

Over a million everyone is displaced over the territory that is palestinian. Civilians, in the hundreds of thousands, heeded Israel’s orders to evacuate the north and move south ahead of Israel’s ground that is looming.

Israel will continue to bomb villages in the– that is south those designated as “safe zones”.

On the 20th of October, Israeli missiles flattened more than 20 buildings in the Al-Zahra area.

“They say that there are terrorists here. Launching missiles, but it is a lie,” said local resident Mahmoud Ibrahim.

Salwa Eid, another resident, lamented the loss of her home: “I just saw my house that was destroyed, that was looted, to see what is left of it. There’s nothing. I took two blankets to cover my children with.”

With nowhere else to go, many will now be forced to rely on refugee camps set up by the United Nations.

Israel has vowed to crush Hamas and has killed more than 4,350 Palestinians since it stepped up its assault.

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