Babs Thore: Every little thing To Know About The ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Star’s Tragic Dying

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My Massive Fats Fabulous Life returns for an all-new season on Sept. 5 and can deal with the tragic passing of Whitney Manner Thore’s mother, Barbara “Babs” Thore. The complete Thore household might be reeling from the lack of Babs, who died in 2022.

Forward of the brand new season, followers seemingly have plenty of questions surrounding Babs’ passing. What occurred to Babs? How is the household doing at present? HollywoodLife is answering all of the vital questions you will have about Babs.

What Occurred To Whitney’s Mother?

Whitney introduced that her mother, Babs, had died on the age of 76 on December 7, 2022. She revealed the information through Instagram at some point in a while December 8.

“My mother died last night just as the credits rolled on her favorite movie. Dad, Hunter, and I held her as she took her last breaths. It was 10:32pm, the same exact time she brought me into this world almost forty years ago,” Whitney’s assertion started.

Whitney continued, “My mother is our family’s greatest gift. We could never love, revere, or value another person more. If you’re reading this, you’re familiar with her magic: her southern charm, her hilarious sense of humor, her well-timed witty remarks, her beauty, and her ability to make everyone around her feel comfortable and cared for. But what you can’t possibly understand is the extent of my mother’s love — what you may have witnessed and felt through a TV screen is a minute fraction that, even if multiplied by a million, wouldn’t come close to ‘real life.’ That’s how enormous, how generous, and how all-encompassing my mother’s love was. I am the luckiest person on the planet to have been hers for almost 39 years.”

Whitney Manner Thore along with her mother, Babs Thore. (TLC)

In her assertion, Whitney thanked the followers for “loving” her mom. “She delighted in her newfound television career more than we can describe! It gave her such a sense of purpose and excitement and something to look forward to every time the crew came around,” the fact star added, “This last year navigating life after her second stroke was, perhaps surprisingly, the best of our lives. We never had more fun or laughed as much as we did the past year. The support from all of you made her feel so loved and encouraged. We are unbelievably thankful that we’ve been able to share her with you and it is our hope that her memory will continue to be a source of comfort and happiness for the rest of your lives, just as it will be for ours.”

How Did Babs Thore Die?

In Whitney’s unique assertion, the fact star revealed that her mother had “cerebral amyloid angioplasty.” Whitney famous that the situation is an “untreatable progressive condition caused by proteins in the blood vessels of the brain that can cause dementia, seizures, or like in my mom’s case, brain bleeding (hemorrhagic strokes).”

The fact star stated that her mother suffered her first stroke in 2017, and the docs instructed the household in regards to the situation. The household was additionally conscious that “more strokes would eventually be inevitable.” Whitney revealed that her mother had a second stroke in December 2021. Babs suffered a last stroke on November 13, 2022.

How My Massive Fats Fabulous Life Will Tackle Babs’ Dying

Forward of the season premiere of My Massive Fats Fabulous Life, Whitney shared that the episode will function a “heartfelt” tribute to her mother. The video she posted featured lovable clips of Babs through the years. To the ‘Bab-ulous’ spouse, mom, and pal. #MyBigFatFabLife returns tonight at 9/8c that includes a heartfelt tribute to Barbara ‘Babs’ Thore,” Whitney captioned her Instagram video.

Within the official trailer for the brand new season, Whitney will be seen giving a eulogy at her mom’s funeral. “I don’t know how we’re going to go on without her, but I know she would want us to figure it out,” Whitney says by means of tears at her mom’s funeral.

Glenn Thore, Babs’ husband, sweetly calls Babs the “love of my life.” In a heartbreaking second, Glenn touches Babs’ casket within the hearse and says, “I love you so much, sweetheart. I’ll see you in heaven.” Whitney cries as she says her last goodbye to her mom.

Whitney and her brother, Hunter, discover that their dad appears “lost” with out Babs. They determine to create a “bucket list” for him to take his thoughts off the devastating loss. Whitney and Hunter even persuade Glenn to get a tattoo! The household can even journey to satisfy Glenn’s long-lost daughter.

“This season was really centered on him and taking care of him and creating his bucket list,” Whitney instructed PEOPLE. “We see a whole new side of Glenn Thore. He’s no longer Glenn Thore, he’s rebranded as GT and he’s a whole new man.”

My Big Fat Fabulous LifeGlenn, Whitney, and Hunter Thore star within the new season. (TLC)

Within the months since Babs’ loss of life, Whitney has witnessed simply how a lot of an affect her mother had on viewers. “I know how much she affects people,” Whitney instructed E! Information. “But to hear it was so wonderful for soothing our hearts a little bit. And to know how she was able to mother people through a television screen, literally all over the world.”

She added, “The amount of people who said, ‘I didn’t have a mom, and she was like, my mom,’ or, ‘My mom’s just like her, and we love to watch her.’ It’s a gift she gave the world. You always want your loved ones to be remembered and to know that my mom is going to live on in so many people’s hearts and minds and in their inside jokes, it is such a gift. I’m so glad I was able to share my mom with the world.”

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