Big Canyon degree President: degree section Is Retaliating For University Lawsuit

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  • The frontrunner of Great Canyon University accused the U.S. section of Education on Thursday of retaliating contrary to the College over an lawsuit that is ongoing. 
  • Brian Mueller, president of great Canyon college, got exception to this rule on the scholarly education Department hitting it with a $37.7 million fine. Mueller is also the CEO of Grand Canyon Education, or GCE, an educational services company whose client that is largest is the institution. 
  • During a phone call with experts Thursday to discuss GCE’s third-quarter profits, Mueller mentioned he “had to file a complaint” throughout the degree Department’s 2019 choice to take care of the institution as a for-profit when it comes to reason for Title IV national aid that is financial. “As a result of that, the retaliation started,” he mentioned. 

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The Education division revealed this few days so it would okay great Canyon college for presumably misleading over 7,500 pupils concerning the price of the doctoral products. But great Canyon college authorities have actually recommended the good is actually regarding an dispute that is ongoing its for-profit status with the Education Department. 

That decision has heavy implications for the college, as it subjects the institution that is christian stricter regulation. In addition, it designed the institution had been eligible to less COVID-19 relief that is federal, as for-profits received a lower share than nonprofits.

The Dispute between Grand Canyon University and the scholarly education division hearkens to 2018, once the university split from GCE, which had been formerly the owner.

However, Big Canyon college and GCE performedn’t get ways that are separate. 

Instead, GCE entered into a contract that is 15-year the institution to deliver solutions like advertising and employment. In trade, great Canyon college arms over 60percent of their fee and tuition revenue. 

As part of the changes, Grand Canyon University also sought to switch from a institution that is for-profit a nonprofit. The Education Department denied the university’s request in 2019 while the IRS approved the conversion. Thursday“We don’t know what the reason is. They don’t tell us.”

Mueller said on the call. However, the training section provided an 18-page letter

detailing the good reasons for your choice in 2019. “drive shareholder value”The company revealed it got problem using the agreement between GCE and great Canyon college. Degree section authorities determined the reason that is primary the transaction was to “as its captive client,” for the company, with the university

according to the letter.“obviously conflicting loyalties.”The Education Department also cited problems with Mueller serving as both the elected president associated with institution and also the President associated with business it contracts with for solutions. It mentioned those two functions produce


Grand Canyon University provides preserved in documents so it provides actions avoiding these issues of great interest. In belated 2022, a judge that is federal Grand Canyon University’s bid to overturn the Education Department’s decision, ruling the agency has the power to determine whether to consider the college a for-profit

“We’ve been dealing with the department for five years,” under Title IV. Grand Canyon University has since appealed the decision, and arguments that are oral the actual situation tend to be arranged for December. “We’ll continue to deal with it.”

Mueller mentioned. “coordinated and unjust actions the federal government is taking against the largest Christian university in the country.”

Grand Canyon University provides implicated several national companies of managing against it, prior to the Education Department’s fine that is recent. This it said the Education Department’s fine was evidence of”>InvestigationThe Education Department refutes this.

an Education Department spokesperson said in a statement Friday week. Last thirty days, the institution also criticized a Federal Trade Commission


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