BMW Boy Racers Killed lady In Horror 60mph Smash After Petty line

( pair that is*)A of boy racers were involved in a petty row before

killing a girl as she walked to College in a horror BMW smash.Omar Choudhury, 22, was 66mph that is driving a 30mph region in March as he attempted to overtake a motor vehicle. He clipped another vehicle and missing control.

Alisha Goup, 16, was actually taking walks to school throughout the pavement on Rochdale path as soon as the motor car mounted the kerb and hit her. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Shortly before the crash that is fatal Choudhury had been chased by Hamidur Rahman, 24, an associate of their extensive household who had been furious at Choudhury for informing their household about a relationship he had been having with a lady.

The Pair had met by chance at Chadderton Way, Rahman had a baseball choudhury and bat fled

.“like a rocket”Witnesses said it looked like the men behind the wheels were

, with one man saying they were ‘racing’.“going to kill someone driving like that”Despite turning off the road six seconds before the crash, prosecutors said Rahman was just as guilty as Choudhury for his contributions to how he was driving.

After his arrest Choudhury said:

Mitigating for Choudhury, Jennifer Devans-Tamakloe said at the sentencing hearing that her client was genuinely remorseful. “Have I killed someone?”

she said.“He couldn’t even imagine the pain and distress felt by the victim’s family. He will live with that guilt and burden for the rest of his life,”For Rahman, Sarah Magill read a letter he had written, which said:

Sentencing, Judge Matthew Corbett-Jones said Rahman had driven in an aggressive and way that is intimidating “I feel total pain and heartache over the incident and the fact I played a part in it. I pray her parents and siblings can find peace and can forgive me for the wrongs to them. I can’t imagine the pain they feel – I am so sorry.”

it could have triggered Choudhury to push ways he performed.‘should have known’He told Choudhury:

Rahman, of Tilbury Street in Oldham; and Choudhury, of Broadway in Oldham, had been jailed for 14 many years apiece. Both had been prohibited from operating for 12 many years.“You did not believe the rules of the road applied to you.”

Police Sergeant Louise Warhurst stated:

Checkout world news that is latest below backlinks :“Alisha was walking along the footpath where she should have been safe. Omar Choudhury and Hamidur Rahman were treating the public highway as their personal race track with no regard whatsoever for all other members of the public.

“Both these men drove dangerously at astonishing speeds because of a petty disagreement. They have demonstrated their arrogance by denying their responsibility throughout, each blaming the other, neither willing to accept responsibility for causing Alisha’s death. Thankfully, they were both found guilty.”

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