Carnegie studying Awarded LEVI Grant To twice as much speed Of Middle class mathematics advancement By 2027

Pittsburgh, PA – Carnegie Learning, a master in AI-driven Education Technology, program, and learning that is professional for K-12, has been selected by the Learning Engineering Virtual Institute (LEVI) as one of seven teams committed toward accomplishing an ambitious goal: to DOUBLE the rate of middle School math progress for low income students by 2027.

The seven teams – Carnegie Learning, Carnegie Mellon University, Eedi, Rising Academies, the University of Colorado Boulder, Khan Academy, and the University of Florida – are committed to harnessing the potential of AI and machine learning to develop innovative, affordable interventions to enhance school math education that is middle. Carnegie training provides specially strong collaborations, as somebody with three in the seven teams –  Carnegie Mellon college from the LEVI Additionally offer, while the college of Colorado Boulder/Saga, that are making use of Carnegie Learning’s award-winning MATHia included in their particular extensive tutoring.

Carnegie Learning’s solution is MATHstream, which customizes avatars making use of generative AI to improve college students motivation that is engagement. It’s the adaptive that is only interactive video clip online streaming system for grades 6-12 where instructors that are high-profile math influencers provide focused direction in an engaging, game-based ecosystem.

MATHstream Pairs video that is engaging with real-time questions, prompts, and feedback provides an effective tutoring alternative that can be used in low-income Classroom settings to respond to some of today’s biggest challenges in education. The learning that is game-based provides a 1:1 understanding knowledge from streamer to Student, therefore the generative AI adaptable, electronic tutor satisfies the scholars where these are typically within their studying journey with individualized instruction. Overall, MATHstream will help measure accessibility that is tutoring combat Teacher fatigue and strain as a result of the ongoing teacher shortage, and help struggling students achieve higher proficiency levels and conceptual learning.

“We are excited to be selected for a ‘dream team’ of educators and innovators by LEVI,” said Carnegie Learning CEO Barry Malkin. “This is truly the life’s work of our founder and Chief Data Scientist Dr. Steve Ritter, who created the first AI-driven math program over 25 years ago. His pioneering idea for Cognitive Tutor, now MATHia, started a revolution in education technology. We are on the cusp of a new level of Innovation with this incredible team to reach new levels of success for students.”

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About Carnegie Learning, Inc.

Carnegie Learning is celebrating 25 years as a leader in AI-driven technology, curriculum, and learning that is professional for K-12 knowledge. All of our award-winning math, literacy, world dialects, professional understanding, high-dosage tutoring, and MATHstream items provide real and permanent results. Produced from intellectual research Research at Carnegie Mellon college, our company is recognized for harnessing the power of information to boost pupil overall performance. All of our product range we can help a lot more than 2 million college students and teachers in every 50 claims and Canada. Called a Place that is top to for six years in a row, our employees are passionate about partnering with educators in the classroom. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

 About the Learning Engineering Virtual Institute (LEVI) Program

LEVI began operating in 2022 with the mission to spur collaboration that is deep institutions and specialities to dramatically enhance mathematics effects for college students in secondary school levels within 5 years. The LEVI system chosen seven teams – Carnegie training, Carnegie Mellon college, Eedi, Khan Academy, increasing Academies, the college of Colorado Boulder, while the college of Fl – in order to develop treatments to handle the goal that is LEVI. Each team developed a plan that is five-year reach the aim, including strong cooperation across organizations and specialities, and a very good ethos of real building and testing. The LEVI program team also developed

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