Chevrolet Camaro Gets AWD With significant Turbos Is A Drag Strip Monster

On the attempt that is third the run was quite bad, finishing in 8.3 seconds at 179 mph. According to the driver, the tune was too soft, but remained optimistic that the setup that is right assist attain their own objective. They simply was required to get the balance that is right the launch control and nitro settings.

While The attempt that is next following time noticed a weekend better of 7.8 moments at 187 miles per hour, the group was required to call-it per day prior to when they would’ve desired to after a corner conclusion smashed mid-race. The time that is final was still 8.4 seconds at 191 mph with a broken differential, allowing the one-of-a-kind Cars/chevrolet/camaro” rel=”noopener”>Camaro to go out with a bang.

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