Chris Pratt Ignites discussion Over maintaining Kid’s youth Trophies

Chris Pratt claims their mother-in-law, Maria Shriver, features used onto a treasure-trove of Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt‘s childhood achievements … and that revelation has folks debating trophy hoarding.

The actor shared some pics Tuesday of Katherine with her plastic gold, and said, “Maria has been storing special items from Katherine’s youth for many years. That Is therefore really thoughtful.”

He jokingly included, “I cannot say how proud I am of my wife for being a fourth-grade problem-solving superstar. There’s also a trophy for ‘most improved two-year-old’ in swim class. Wow!!”

Chris subsequently fell the punch range, pointing away Katherine ended up being the sole 2-year-old in this move course. Hey, nevertheless matters for some thing!

He stated the smile that is huge Katherine’s face must be Maria’s “payoff for the work it took to store this stuff.”

Chris put it all in perspective, saying … “To pray one day that your children will look back on their childhood with glee is a blessing. It is the hope of parenthood.”

But, here’s where the debate started — Chris asked, “real talk… once your kid goes through the stuff, is it okay to toss? I mean… do we need the ‘I was on a sports team trophy?’”

He’s probably thinking it’s a question he’s for sure gonna need an answer sooner than later.

Folks about it, because he’s got 3 kids — 10-year-old Jack with Anna Faris, and

3-year-old Lyla
and 1-year-old Eloise with Katherine — so have already been chiming for the opinions, discussing their unique ideas on the trophy topic … so let’s accept this discussion.

Keeping Youth Trophies …

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