Christmas Marketplace Organizer In Kitchener, Ont. Faced with scam

The coordinator of a Kitchener, Ont. Christmas time marketplace has become detained after admitting she gambled out the deposit cash of suppliers.

Waterloo local authorities mentioned a Cambridge that is 52-year-old woman charged Sunday with fraud over $5,000.

Between Oct. 27 and Nov. 10, police received 55 reports of fraud from vendors of “It’s a Christmas Market.” The event was planned at the Bingemans conference centre in Kitchener.“Christmas Shopalooza-Groovin’ Bytes”Twelve sunday suppliers for

also contacted authorities fraud that is alleging connection to the Nov.19 event in Cambridge.

In a phone interview with CTV News, the organizer that is original she destroyed owner deposits through gaming.

The 52-year-old Cambridge girl is placed to surface in courtroom on Dec. 20, 2023.”>InvestigationPolice think there may be much more subjects whom practiced a loss that is financial this case. They’re asked to call police, who say their href= that is


The market’s organizer that is original Stacy Cliff, admitted she lost the money in a post on a private Facebook page.

“It is with my most profound apologies that my mental Health addiction compiled with my absolute selfishness has created a storm I cannot control,” she wrote. “So many of you have followed me, had faith and trusted me through good and bad events. I’ve taken that trust, and wors[e], your money, and have done the very worst I can do, which is not putting it where it belongs.”

In a phone interview earlier this Cliff confirmed to CTV News that she lost the money through gambling.(* month) she mentioned.

“I don’t know what happened,”Cliff, whom likewise has a company known as Stacy’s Activities, previously caused a number of the suppliers that has took part in previous marketplaces.“It all just snowballed. I kept thinking that I’d spend $100 here, $100 there and I’d be able to get a big win and put it all back. And that never happened.”

she typed for the article.

“I’m terribly sorry. I know that that won’t fix anything, that won’t give them any money back. It means nothing to most probably, but that’s all I can say,”Cliff informed CTV News she never ever offered Bingemans the deposit cash and estimated she destroyed between $20,000 and $30,000.

The more or less 200 suppliers, meanwhile, settled $100 to $200 to lock in their own place during the marketplace.

Combined making use of quantity they invested to arrange and refill for your occasion, suppliers stressed they will just lose more than their deposit.

vendor Tricia Teves told CTV News on Nov. 1.

“Everything I had been working on until that point was for nothing,”SURVIVING THE SCANDAL

After weeks of scandal and controversy, the Christmas market went ahead as planned Sunday thanks to the work that is hard of suppliers and neighborhood members.

The newly renamed

was actually presented at Bingemans.“A Holiday Market” stated Stephanie Henderson, the master of Lithostalgia.

“It’s amazing,” mentioned market that is new Sierra Gregorio. “I actually didn’t think it was going to happen.”

“I cried a few times today, I’ll be honest,”Vendors told CTV News they felt blindsided when Cliff announced the cancellation that is sudden of marketplace on Oct. 26.“I’m just filled with joy and happiness.”

Gail Relf, the master of Howling Moose, mentioned.

“A lot of people use this for their Christmas money and their income,” included Henderson.“To know that somebody just pulled the rug out from underneath everybody was just shocking.”

“She should be on the naughty list for the next 25 years,”Vendors and organizers worked collectively to acquire sponsors that are new could cover the costs.

Bingemans also offered a discount that is significant the site.

mentioned Gregorio.

“Everything fell into place, and here we are today,”More than 180 suppliers created at the conference centre.

They sunday called it a ending that is happy both business people while the neighborhood.

“The fact that we could turn this around and make it a happy thing has been amazing,” Butler mentioned.

— With revealing by Tyler Kelaher, Stefanie Davis and Chris Thomson

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