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The Curse

SUNDAY: this series that is squirm-inducing satirizes anything it touches, with the primary juicy targets of manipulative “reality” TV and cultural appropriation in the guise of doing good. The sublime Emma Stone stars as the beatific Whitney, married to the neurotic Asher (Nathan Fielder, as always an acquired taste), whom we meet while they’re producing and pitching a fictional pilot for HGTV. Their show: Flip-anthropy, which purports to bring the ethnic enclave of Española in New Mexico into the eco-friendly century that is 21st holistic Passive Homes (“saving the Earth one kilowatt at a time), albeit at the cost of higher rents and gentrification. When a staged stunt backfires and Asher finds himself cursed, the ensuing awkwardness goes off the charts. Fielder co-created the show with Benny Safdie, who co-stars as their unscrupulous producer, Dougie.

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Beacon 23

SUNDAY: A claustrophobic sci-fi drama, set aboard a futuristic lighthouse at the edge of the galaxy, stars Game of ThronesLena Headey as an enigmatic sole survivor of a crashed vessel, rescued by Halan (Homecoming’s Stephan James), an equally mysterious soldier who may have gone AWOL. Their relationship is clouded by instant distrust, inflamed by a gabby AI named Bart, who accuses Halan of having murdered the most recent beacon keeper (the hilarious Stephen Root). Who they are, why they’re there and what’s up with a cache of glowing space rocks are among the mysteries that might keep genre fans intrigued over eight episodes. (See the full review.)

Carrie Coon and Morgan Spector in 'The Gilded Age' Season 2 Episode 3

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The Gilded Age

SUNDAY: Last week’s shocker resonates when the Russell household, above and below stairs, reels from the discovery that scheming former lady’s maid Turner (Kelley Curran) is now the wealthy Mrs. Winterton, wed to an elderly rich widower (Dakin Matthews). She’s more than ready to take on her ex-employer Bertha Russell (Carrie Coon) in the latest twist of the Opera Wars. Across the street in the Van Rhijn mansion, Ada (Cynthia Nixon) eagerly prepares a luncheon party for Rev. Forte (Robert Sean Leonard), the menu of which prompts my favorite line of the season, from none other than Ada’s haughty sister Agnes (Christine Baranski): “SOUP? At LUNCHEON?” the actual concept!

Legends of the Forks - Buddy Valastro


Legends of this Fork

SATURDAY: Cake manager pastry impresario friend Valastro comes back to television with two brand-new programs, the most important a travelogue by which he tours the united states, going to famous eateries and attempting their hand at recreating their unique trademark dishes. The Silver Sands Café in Nashville and Mamoun’s Falafel in Greenwich Village in back-to-back episodes, his itinerary on opening night includes Patsy’s Italian Restaurant in New York, L.A.’s Guelaguetza, specializing in Oaxacan Cuisine. Followed by Buddy Valastro’s Cake Dynasty

Jonathan Bailey as Tim and Matt Bomer as Hawkins 'Hawk' Fuller in 'Fellow Travelers' Season 1 Episode 3

(10/9c), a reality show profiling the Valastro family as they expand the Carlo’s Bake Shop empire, including the preparation of a cake that is magical commemorate Wicked’s twentieth wedding on Broadway.

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Fellow TravelersSUNDAY: from inside the 1950s, Hawk (Matt Bomer) and Tim (Jonathan Bailey“I’m too angry to forgive anybody.”

Rachel Skarsten and Andrew Walker in Hallmark Channel's 'Christmas Island'

) allow Arizona, D.C. for Rehoboth seashore, MD, where they could be much more available in their unique relationship—and that is complicated yet open enough for Tim, who’s miffed when he learns Hawk has another agenda for the road trip. In the 1980s, with Tim ailing, Hawk tries to be of use, even when Tim barks,

Hallmark Channel

Christmas IslandThe Yule Log: The Christmas movie deluge continues. On Hallmark Channel: Christmas Island (Saturday, 8/7c) stars Rachel Skarsten as a pilot diverted to the title location by a snowstorm, where the controller that is air-traffic of fantasies (Andrew Walker) awaits. In A Heidelberg Getaway (Sunday, 8/7c), Ginna Claire Mason moves to Germany to market her hand made glass ornaments during the Heidelberg Xmas Marketplace, where she satisfies a artisan that is localFrédéric Brossier). The Heart alum Daniel Lissing as a father who finds love while seeking the owner of a Christmas time capsule onGreat American Family: Christmas Keepsake (Saturday, 8/7c) stars When calls. Lori Loughlin stars in A Christmas Blessing (Sunday, 8/7c) as a TV cook which bonds with a company relate (James Tupper

) whenever she gets control her aunt’s that is late charity.


): The embattled brand-new York Jets deal with the Las Vegas Raiders.

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