ENJOY: Tesla Cybertruck appears to be it could space An F-150 Raptor roentgen

After unofficially seeing the latest Tesla Cybertruck pre-production prototype during the steel, the EV was caught by a road user on video zooming off from a standstill. Of note, this is the* that is( which will be believed to have better quality than previous Cars/tesla/cybertruck” rel=”noopener”>Cybertruck prototypes.

The video in question, which was initially posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, but it has since been removed. Luckily, once something is on the internet, it lives there forever, so you can still watch the video below.

It starts by showing the electric truck stopped at a red light. The guy who recorded the video exclaimed that it looked cool before asking a passenger whether they should race it. That didn’t happen, but as soon as the light turned green, the truck launched and showed off its capacity for rapid acceleration.

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