Federation youngsters & Family Unveils brand new moving program, Returns With struck Live-Action Series (EXCLUSIVE)

Federation teens & Family is actually revealing a brand new animated show at MipJunior included in a powerful selection of toon collection and series that is live-action.  

“The New Adventures of the Triplets,” by Nicole Lambert, is an show that is animated at 3-to-6-year-old young ones that chronicles the comical escapades of three loveable youngsters — each one of who features his / her very own method of studying the globe.

Generated by Quad and Superprod, the program is during range with Federation youngsters & Family’s animated material as well as the type or kind of shows broadcasters are seeking.

“When it comes to animation, series for the bridge age group of 4-7 years still generates a lot of demand,” says Monica Levy, co-chief of distribution at Federation Kids & Family, part of Paris-based Federation Studios. “As often channels are already well stocked through to 2024, they are looking for exceptional series that correspond to the editorial line.”

Diversity in particular has become a element that is key children’ shows, Levy includes.   

“Diverse representation on all levels is what we hear as feedback from our buyers. Kids want to identify with protagonists, and there are some territories that are becoming more challenging to sell into if you don’t satisfy these demands. Prior to this, we have always focused on content that we felt kids, regardless of nationality and ethnicity, could relate to, but of course, with the buyer feedback, this reaffirms its importance for new productions. 

“We are also living in a time when society in general — kids and adults — seems to want escapism more than ever. Therefore, kids’ productions that are uplifting and offer a fantasy/magical element, basically providing that feel-good factor, are attracting a lot of attention.” 

Undoubtedly, among Federation’s live-action hits are the tween fantasy show “Spellbound” and “Theodosia.”

due to Federation youngsters & Family

“Spellbound,” about an girl that is african-American discovers she is the most powerful witch in the world while studying at the prestigious Paris Opera Ballet School, is produced by Cottonwood Media in coproduction with Opéra de Paris and Germany’s ZDF and ZDF Studios.

The producers were so confident in the show that “Spellbound” Season 2 was greenlit before Season 1 had even premiered this (* year) meanwhile, has returned for brand new escapades in period 2 once the intrepid explorer that is young her friends set off on a journey down the Nile in search of the secret oasis where magic was born. Likewise produced by Cottonwood Media, ZDF and ZDF Studios, the series that is award-winning on the basis of the bestselling publication show by R.L. LaFevers.


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teenagers during the older 8-12 appear that is demographic be moving away from animation and towards live-action, Levy notes.

Taking stock of current market trends, Levy notes that while there have been market that is many in recent times, broadcasters stay essential lovers. Streamers, in contrast, be seemingly purchasing less games these full days, be it kids animation or live action, and are more selective, she adds.

“This is probably due to the fact that as they are exposed more to social media, and the likes of Tik Tok, these kids are maturing faster, and their tastes have rapidly evolved to what teenagers visually enjoy.

“This generation is looking for the same high-end visual quality that would normally be offered to adult primetime series. Our kids have high standards and this is what it takes to pull them away from Instagram.”

Federation’s other current titles include the animated shows

“This comes following a flurry of activity, with various buyouts and other factors. Traditional broadcasters still seem to be steady and strong, and have been the pinnacle of our business in recent times of streamer uncertainty.”

about a girl that is young changes into a brilliant woman with the aid of a magic sock; “Kung Fu Wa,” regarding the single-celled lifetime of a new amoeba; and, for all the pre-school audience, “Squish,” on the basis of the publication show by Diane Kredensor about two kitties in addition to their zany, globe-trotting escapades.“The Ollie & Moon Show,”

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