Ferrari Pays Tribute To famous V12 system

Ferrari’s very first vehicle, the 125 S, found its way to 1947. Their V12 displaced merely 1.5 liters and merely made around 118 horse power, however with a weight that is dry of 1,433 pounds, the 125 S soon began racking up racing victories against Cars with much larger engine capacities. This engine, named the* that is( V12 following its fashion designer, had been increased through the many years, sooner or later running the 1962 250 GTO, and its particular displacement significantly more than tripled in dimensions by the point it had been stopped in 1989.

More V12 success that is racing for Ferrari in those early years. The 166 MM won Le Mans in 1949 with its 2.0L V12, becoming the first V12 to emerge victorious at the event and the car with the capacity that is smallest & most amount of cylinders of every previous champion.

Ferrari acquired the GP that is british in with a V12, the first Formula One win with a V12. Two years later, the 340 MM and 375 MM won the world that is first vehicle championship.

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