Guy Fleeing Venezuela Faces Having to express Goodbye To dog Squirrel After 3,000-mile Journey To boundary

A guy exactly who fled Venezuela along with his pet squirrel, going lots and lots of kilometers collectively and residing a tent in Mexico for several months, happens to be experiencing being required to state good-bye since it is extremely unlikely your pet shall be allowed across the US border.

Yeison, 23, says he will be* that is( if he’s got to depart Niko behind. The squirrel that is little who has a black stripe and flecks of white hair, made the treacherous journey nesting in a knitted cap inside his guardian’s backpack.

There was no question of leaving his pet in Venezuela, Yeison says, adding that starting a new life because he is worried about his family’s safety in Venezuela, is among millions who have fled the South American country because of political and economic upheaval in recent years.

Migrants without him


‘There’Yeison, who did not want to give his last name putting some risky excursion north, a journey of approximately 3,000 kilometers, are confronted with challenging alternatives over what things to get they can carry on their back, and what to leave behind.

Yeison with them, usually only the belongings made the trip through the jungle that is perilous due to the fact Darien space, where he mentioned he discovered your body of men under some covers. Niko had been hidden in the backpack if they boarded busses and entered through checkpoint assessments in Mexico.

When the squirrel was discovered by a bus driver on one occasion, Yeison sold his phone for $35 (about £28.50) to pay to keep him on board.

s a connection between them’
After making the journey to Mexico, Yeison has spent six months waiting to make an asylum case in the US. The pair live together in a tent in Matamoros, across from the Texas border city of Brownsville, along with hundreds of others in the position that is same. Yeison makes cash hair that is cutting his tent, and often falls asleep sharing the same pillow with Niko at night.
But now, they might be forced to part ways.

Yeison has secured an appointment to present himself at the border to seek entry to the US and request asylum. The chances of Niko being allowed to cross too are slim, but volunteers at the encampment are not giving up.“helping to succeed”Read more from Sky News:

Troops find nightclub, zoo and pool that is swimming prison

“There’s a connection between him and the squirrel, so much that he preferred to bring it with him than leave the squirrel behind with family in Venezuela and face the dangers that come with the migrant journey,”The eager efforts of migrants to cross all of us border“They gave each other courage.”

‘I hope he never forgets my face’

Gladys Canas, the movie director of non-governmental organization Ayudandoles A Triunfar (which about means ), claims this lady has experienced various other migrants with animals – cats, canines, as well as a rabbit as soon as. But Niko may be the squirrel that is first has seen.She helped put Yeison in touch with a vet to document Niko’s vaccinations to provide to border agents.

she says. DayYeison found Niko as a newborn after nearly stepping on him one. He got him house and family unit members fed him yoghurt, he says – although the squirrel that is picky nibbling on pine trees and later lived on tomatoes and mangos, even in times when


“I don’t want for him to be separated from me, because I know that we’d get heartsick,” was hard to come by.“I’m sure of that.

“And if he doesn’t get sick, I hope he gets to be happy. And that he never forgets my face.”

Aware of what might happen at the US border, Yeison says he initially sought work in Colombia. However, he returned to find a pine that is loose lodged in Niko’s attention and chose to proceed to attempt to reach (*)America(*).(*)He has got ready for a separation, it is staying optimistic.(*) he states. (*)

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