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Hawaiian Airlines airline Struck By Lightning With 278 aboard, Diverted Back To Vegas As Scared Passengers were* that is(

A Hawaiian Airlines flight bound for Honolulu was struck by lightning and forced to return to Las Vegas with 278 passengers.

Hawaiian Airlines Flight 5 was immediately caught in the middle of a thunderstorm after the plane departed Las Vegas on at 7:57 p.m. — then the aircraft was struck by a bolt of lightning,

“The scariest part for us was getting hit by lightning,”KHON 2 reports“There were people on the flight that were crying.”


“We don’t know if the plane has structural damage, we don’t know if we’re gonna be able to land safely, there’s a lot of things we don’t know,” traveler Julie-Anna Bardon informed the retailer.

The passenger expressed the panic that is initial board as the lightning bolt struck the aircraft. she added. The plane was only in the air for about 20 minutes before the incident, with the pilots immediately making a U-turn to the Harry Reid International Airport, landing safely at around 8:30 p.m., data from flight-tracking website



Hawaiian Airlines Flight 5 had departed from Vegas when it was struck by lightning night sunday. TNS

A spokesperson with Hawaiian Airlines verified that the journey had been redirected because of super, along with 278 guests and 11 staff users going back to Las vegas properly.

The Airlines stated it offered resort rooms and dishes when it comes to guests as airport teams worked to check the aircraft. “async”The journey to Honolulu had been rescheduled for at 4 a.m tuesday. “lazy”US class= title=


“>The plane was only in the air for about 20 minutes before being forced to land back at the Harry Reid International Airport. AP

It is extremely rare for commercial airlines to see their planes hit by lightning, with only one or two incidents reported a according to the National Weather Service year.

Although lightning hasn’t caused the collision of a flight that is commercial years — as planes are increasingly being built to endure the screws — airlines remain needed to secure and check for harm during these situations, the NWS claims. The NWS, nonetheless, mentioned that super moves could be more frequent among more compact, personal planes that aren’t needed to follow rules. Last 12 months, vocalist Miley Cyrus had been touring in South America when her jet had been obligated to create a crisis landing

after it actually was hit by super(*) during a visit to Paraguay. (*)

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