Illustrative Mathematics Announces IM® 360 For K-12 Teachers And College Students

TUCSON, Ariz. /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Illustrative math (IM), a organization that is nonprofit to creating a world where all learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics, announced today the upcoming release of IM® 360, its innovative new curriculum for grades K–12.

Guided and inspired by educators doing extraordinary things since its inception in 2011, IM is continually improving curriculum support for its problem-based instructional model based on feedback from School leaders, teachers, and students. IM 360 is the organization’s curriculum that is largest-scale as of yet, created in a reaction to the expressed requirements of teachers and students inside the K–12 mathematics society.

“IM greatly values the dynamic relationships we have with school leaders and teachers across the country, which serve as the guiding compass for IM’s trajectory,” mentioned Gail Hartman, IM’s Senior vp of Product Technique and developing. “This ongoing partnership and the feedback it generates about our products enable the IM team to identify areas for improvement, refine accordingly, and foster innovative solutions that are genuinely transformative for K–12 math classrooms.”

The IM 360 program remains defined and available to all. A no cost version that is digital including downloadable print materials, will be released on the IM website beginning in summer 2024, and enhanced digital and print formats will be available through IM Certified Partners for school years 2024–25 and beyond.

“With the enhancements included in the IM 360 curriculum, students in IM classrooms will find more engaging problems relevant to their experiences,” said Bill McCallum, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Illustrative Mathematics. “Teachers will also have greater support for implementing the IM problem-based instructional model, which has already transformed so many classrooms into lively spaces where students gain enduring proficiency with mathematics.”

Upgrades to the K–5 curriculum include:

  • NEW! Language Learning Goals, End-of-Unit Guidance, Checklist Guidance
  • Strengthened representations of diverse cultures
  • Revisions to the Course Guide content, Instructional Routines, and blackline masters

Upgrades to the 6–12 curriculum include:

  • NEW! Narrative Structures, Section-level Assessments (Checkpoints), Instructional Goals, and Teacher Reflection Questions
  • Embedded guidance for building a Classroom community
  • Embedded Math Language Routines and revised Instructional Routine language, including for 5 Practices activities
  • Revised context and activity launches to invite more students into the mathematics, including more representations of diverse cultures
  • Revised lesson contexts to align with the California framework, including environmental literacy enhancements
  • And more!

To learn more about the rollout of IM 360, visit

About Illustrative Mathematics
Illustrative Mathematics is a organization that is nonprofit to making a global where all students understand, make use of, and luxuriate in math. To find out more, see

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