Instructor Q&A: Strengthening PD With AI

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let’s take a look at what students are reading in

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With AI dominating conversations among education leaders, the importance of managing expectations and academic integrity is now more critical than ever as the new school year commences.


As the 2023-2024 school year commences, focus on education is accompanied by a pressing concern for better cybersecurity. Cybercriminals are poised to exploit educational institutions, seeking access to personal, financial, and “>Health records.

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Teachers with classrooms full of students of any age can use TED-Ed Lessons to leverage October’s fun events (Friday the 13th in October, anyone?) and speak to students’ different interests.

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There’s a lurking concern that AI is just going to help students find mindless shortcuts for cheating their way to good grades. But that’s only a risk if schools and teachers hold a low bar for what they expect of their students.

target=”_blank”nofollow noopener” title=”>Innovation-insights/2023/10/06/edtech-awards-2023/” rel=”Nothing but winning: Edtech honors announced by eSchool, IEI, and Classlink”> “noopener” This week’s newsfeeds are filled with notices for finalists and honorees for both teachers and sellers throughout the most useful and smartest advancements for Nothing but winning: Edtech honors announced by eSchool, IEI, and Classlink

Teaching and discovering.While every day or few days might not completely reflect the class strategy you thus faithfully produced, We have five crucial suggestions to support feel well informed in your own

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Research examining nationwide perceptions toward house broadband plus the national inexpensive Connectivity system (ACP) supplies ideas for you to shut the electronic divide and link families to trustworthy fast net.Aaron Dworkin, ceo associated with the nationwide summertime studying Association (NSLA), covers solutions to learning that is pandemic, teacher burnout, equity issues, and more.

The K-12 Hero Awards Program recognizes the dedicated efforts of education professionals across K-12 departments, including IT, curriculum, instruction and administration. 


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