Iso Rivolta Lele Is actually A forgotten coupe that is italian American Muscle

Despite its comfort, performance, and unique design, the Iso Lele struggled to find its place in the market. Only around 280 units were ever produced. The Lele faced challenges because customers did know what it n’t was actually for.

It performedn’t conform to old-fashioned sports vehicle principles or suit the profile of a grand tourer that is classic. Its competitor that is closest, the Cars-ever” rel=”noopener”>Jensen Interceptor, and its intended rival, the Lamborghini Espada, presented formidable obstacles in a market where the Lele’s unconventional appearance raised eyebrows.

If you’re looking for a rare vintage sports car that oozes with character, the Rivolta Lele should be on our shortlist. Fortunately, the featured car above – with only 38,750 miles on the clock – is currently up for sale for £69,950 (or around $85,500 with the current exchange rates) on SBR Engineering.

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