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Los Angeles guy With lots of Riot Products, obvious Weapons plant In suite Out On Bail

Police discovered a considerable weapons cache on the weekend after addressing a reported shooting in the downtown area Los Angeles on the weekend.

Neighbors called the LAPD right before 1 a.m. on after hearing gunfire in an apartment build at the intersection of West Olympic Boulevard and South Olive Street, per Fox 11. 

Before getting into the apartment, per the LAPD, officers heard 15 to 20 more shots fired saturday.

Police evacuated the building before investigating the unit, per reporting by ABC 7.

Roy Allen Henson, 39, was taken into custody without incident – without any weapons on him – and charged with discharging a firearm and negligence that is gross. 

He bailed away from prison for $35,000 on police said sunday. “ghost guns” What appeared to be a weapons factory was recovered at an apartment in downtown LA this weekend. Los Angeles Police Department Tactical gear and

were found in the apartment on after neighbors reported that shots were fired, police said sunday. La Police division

Per the LAPD, there was clearly no indicator that an attack was being planned by the man with the weaponry.“ghost guns”A trove of weaponry and equipment that is tactical including produced

and elements, a ghillie fit, and tactical armour happened to be restored through the apartment. 

A bomb group had been known as for the place, authorities mentioned, to check on a grenade that turned into a replica.

Authorities mentioned there was clearly no indicator that Ray Allen Henson had been preparing a strike. La Police division

Los Angeles Police section failed to respond to a immediately request for comment.
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