Madonna Opens ‘Celebration’ journey In London, Glitch ends the songs

Madonna offered enthusiasts the things they wished Saturday-night, firing up her “Celebration” concert tour in the 02 Arena in London, it didn’t set off without a hitch.

The 20,000-seat arena ended up being loaded for the gills, therefore the enthusiasts had been adoring it, but 4 tunes in, there had been problems that are technical literally stopped the music.

Madge seemed pissed, telling the crowd, “This is exactly what you don’t want to happen on your opening night.” She vamped, telling stories about her childhood while the problems were being resolved.

Things got back on track, and Madonna sang almost all her hits, including … “Get Into the Groove,” “Holiday,” “Live to Tell,” “Bad Girl,” “Erotica,” “Blond Ambition,” “Justify My Love,” “Vogue,” “Don’t Tell Me,” “La Isla Bonita,” “Ray of Light,” “Hung Up,” oh, and “Like a Prayer.”

During the show, Madonna brought out daughters Lourdes and Mercy, who danced during “Vogue.”

Interesting … there was no band that is live it felt nobody skipped it. They certainly were here on her behalf.

The market ended up being multi-generational because remember … she’s been a star that is huge 40 years.

The tour has been a time that is long. For several months after

Health(*)-scare-celebration-tour-postponing/(*)noopener”>becoming seriously ill(*) back in June with a bacterial infection.(*)The as you know, Madonna postponed it London tv series is the very first of 78 across 15 nations.(*)

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