Marie Moreau’s brand new skill allows Her The men’ Strongest Supe (Not Homelander)

Warning: includes SPOILERS for Gen V occurrence 8!


  • Marie Moreau features an all-new capacity which makes her the supe that is strongest in The Boys universe, surpassing Homelander’s invincibility and strength.
  • Marie can stop a heart that is supe’s her head, instantaneously eliminating all of them. She is given by this power the ability to kill any supe, including Homelander.
  • Marie’s access to the insides of supes through her blood-bending powers makes her a asset that is valuable alters the ability characteristics in The young men universe.

The Gen V period 1 finale shows that Marie Moreau features an all-new capacity, with this specific guaranteeing that she’s effortlessly the best supe when you look at the men world (not Homelander). Since the actual beginning of this men, it has got for ages been thought that Homelander may be the supe that is strongest in the franchise. Homelander is a Superman clone, with him being hitting and invincible fairly frustrating. The collection featuresn’t yet investigated Homelander’s weaknesses, but you will find several, with one of these maintaining him from getting all-powerful. Marie Moreau, nevertheless, offers an electric that throws her on top of the Food cycle, with Gen V showing the thing that makes their probably the most supe that is powerful

Gen V is finally here, with season 1 of the spinoff that is highly-anticipated of Prime Video’s The men today completely revealed. The tv series requires a look that is new the world of The Boys, with it this time focusing on Godolkin University, a College exclusively for supes. Gen V follows Marie Moreau, a blood-bending supe who gets the opportunity to attend the Vought-run that is prestigious college. Upon her appearance, nevertheless, Marie along with her buddies unearth a voguht that is massive lying under the facade of Godolkin. Throughout the adventure, Marie learns to better control her powers, with her being The Boys‘ most powerful supe by the end of the series.

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Marie Moreau Can Stop A Supe’s Heart Using Her Mind

Marie Moreau has an all-new power that makes her one of The Boys‘ strongest supes, as she can stop a heart with her mind. Marie Moreau has the power to control blood, with her originally just using blood that had already been spilled as projectiles and melee weapons. Later in the series, Marie learns that she can stop blood from flowing out of someone’s wound, only for her to later discover while it is inside someone’s body that she can control blood. She performs this by inadvertently Rufus that is exploding by causing blood to flow to it. Thus, it was speculated that she could kill supes by stopping their blood flow.

As it turns out, Marie actually can instantly kill a supe by using her mind. In the Gen V season 1 finale, Marie is seen fighting several escaped supes. At one point she causes one of the supes to have a heart attack, with them instantly falling to the ground and dying. This is an skill that is immensely powerful because it appears like every supe features a heart and bloodstream. For that reason, Marie could kill any supe theoretically using this method, making her almost unstoppable. The range at which Marie can control blood still isn’t known, but it is known that Marie can kill anyone with a heart that is sudden.

Marie Moreau additionally utilizes this plan extremely fast, with-it just using one minute for any supe to decrease lifeless. Based on just how honed this ability is actually, Marie could potentially operate much faster, creating their a killing machine that is supreme. She is undeniably one of the strongest figures in The Boys universe.Related although she may struggle with some supes:

Gen V month 1 Ending revealed: Where Marie & Her buddies have the scene( that is final) Marie Moreau Could Kill Homelander, Right?

Due to Marie method that is moreau’s new of, it might seem sensible that she could eliminate Homelander. Locating Homelander’s weakness has-been an important purpose for the very first three periods associated with the young men, while the titular group needs to see how to eliminate an supe that is unkillable. The idea of Marie being able to kill Homelander has actually been hinted at previously. Gen V reveals that Marie Moreau and Victoria Neuman have the powers that are same although Neuman would rather eliminate by bursting minds. Homelander describes for the men period 3 that Neuman can’t explode their mind because of their skin that is impenetrable that this strategy simply wouldn’t work.

Although Marie may not be able to explode Homelander, there’s nothing that says she can’t kill Homelander by controlling the blood inside his body. Like most other supes, Homelander still has needs that are biological hold him lively. If Marie ended Homelander’s bloodstream from moving or offered him a heart that is severe, he could die, as impenetrable skin wouldn’t protect him from his own insides. Marie Moreau is the only supes that can access what is under Homelander’s skin, and the ability that is new exhibits into the Gen V period 1 finale is the ideal capacity to utilize up against the villain.

Although the work of eliminating Homelander wouldn’t end up being that difficult for Marie, dealing with the point whereby she will utilize the energy on him is actually. A few supes noticed Marie provide the additional supe a heart assault, which means this charged power is known. Homelander probably won’t want to get anywhere if he does, she might not have enough time to kill him near her, and even. Homelander is amazingly quickly, which means before she even knows what happened that he could fly in and fatally injure Marie. To kill Homelander, Marie would have to sneak up him a heart attack, something that is incredibly difficult to pull off.(* on him and give) The men month 1 helps Marie’s

Claim “Strongest Supe”Although Gen V providesn’t clearly known as Marie Moreau The Boys

marie moreau controls blood in Gen V

s useful blood-bending forces, it looks like she’ll don’t have any issue with this barrier.‘ strongest supe, The Boys season 1 actually supports this claim. As has been explained by the series, the innards of most supes are vulnerable, which is why Marie could target Homelander. This is exemplified by the death of Translucent in The Boys season 1, with Billy Butcher and Hughie killing him by shoving an explosive up his butt. Accessing the insides of supes seems like the best approach to killing them, and thanks to Marie’Marie Moreau getting a supe that features access that is unparalleled the inside of others makes her a valuable asset, one that plenty of characters from The Boys will probably want to get their hands on. The Boys will undoubtedly want to recruit her, as killing supes by accessing their insides has been their operandi that is modus since 1. Nevertheless, additionally, it means that Victoria Neuman features a level that is similar of, as she could alter her approach from bursting minds to preventing minds any kind of time point. The ability vibrant of this men world has evolved permanently, as well as its all due to Gen V‘s Marie Moreau expose.

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