Meg Ryan’s brand-new Rom-Com Continues Grim Rotten Tomatoes Streak (but it is Her score that is best In 22 Years)


  • Meg Ryan’s new romantic comedy, What Happens Later, has a mixed reception on Rotten Tomatoes with a 51% score from 35 critics.
  • This continues a streak of negative reviews for Ryan, who hasn’t had a movie that is fresh-rated 1998’s You’ve had gotten Mail.
  • but not her highest-scoring movie, what goes on afterwards is actually her most readily useful rating in 22 many years, coming near to attaining a brand new standing.

Meg Ryan’s brand new comedy that is romantic*)What Happens Later has continued a negative streak for the movie star on Rotten Tomatoes. Ryan is best known for her roles in classic rom-coms including When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, and You’ve Got Mail. In her latest movie, which she also directed and co-wrote, Ryan stars as Willa, a woman who accidentally runs into her ex Bill (David Duchovny) and winds up spending the night trapped in the airport they get snowed in, which causes them to reminisce about their past.

Rotten with him when Tomatoes has aggregated an score that is official Meg Ryan’s What Happens Later, with 35 critics giving it an aggregated score of 51%. This continues a dismal Rotten Tomatoes streak for the star, who hasn’t starred in a movie with a score that is fresh 1998’s You’ve had gotten Mail. Nonetheless, its her score that is second-best of entire run of movies and her best in 22 years since 2001’s Kate & Leopold, in which she starred opposite Hugh Jackman.

Meg Ryan’s Rotten Tomatoes Slump Explained

Ryan is a star who has weathered negative reviews from the very beginning, having kicked off her career in the early 1980s in poorly reviewed movies Amityville that is including 3-D leading Gun. Nonetheless, their breakout performance inside the renowned rom-com whenever Harry Met Sally banged down a time period of constantly powerful evaluations, minting their as an iconic heroine that is romantic. In addition to her three blockbuster rom-coms, she also received reviews that are strong brands such as for example Restoration, will Under flames, and Anastasia.

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It was actuallyn’t through to the 1990s that are late Ryan’s career got more complicated. Her latter-era movies that are romantic as Kate & Leopold together with contract started to enjoy decreasing returns vitally and commercially. Ryan’s tries to diversify with brands just like the sporting events flick from the Ropes additionally the industry conflict II-era crisis Ithaca (also her debut that is directorial likewise poorly received, leading to a streak of nine Rotten scores before she took a hiatus from filmmaking in 2015 ahead of her What Happens Later return. See a list of Ryan’s recent movies and their Rotten Tomatoes scores below:



RT Score


Hanging Up



Proof of Life



Kate & Leopold



In the Cut



Against the Ropes



In the Land of Women



The Women



Serious Moonlight





The fact that What Happens Later has a score that’s comparable with one of her first movies after her Rotten Tomatoes peak is likely good news for the director-star. If her new project is commercially successful, there could be future Meg Ryan* that is rom-com( films for the notes. That will provide her the ability to carry on operating and creating her important goodwill into exactly what may potentially end up being her very first score that is fresh many years.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

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