Montrealers take part in fifteenth Annual Multiple Myeloma March – Montreal |

Around 100 people participated in the 15th annual myeloma that is multiple Sunday morning at John Abbott College in the West Island.

Multiple myeloma remains relatively unknown but 11 Canadians are diagnosed with the disease every day, making it the second most blood that is common.

“The chances that I was going to survive if I didn’t have treatment were zero,” mentioned Kelly Ladd, someone managing Myeloma.

“With all the treatments they gave me, which was a multitude of treatments, I was able to get through it,” she includes.

Ladd has actuallyn’t had simple to use since she had been detected in 2018.

“I had brain surgery, had chemo every week, I had radiation for the brain tumor as well. Then I had the stem cell transplant. Now I am a survivor.”

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It’s her year that is 3rd walking the event. She said she’s blessed to be able to keep participating.

“I became a grandmother, you know all of these things that have happened since my diagnosis and since all my treatments.”

The 5-kilometre walk for myeloma started 15 years ago in Montreal. There are now 40 events that are similar the nation.

“The outlook for patients when they were diagnosed at that time was anywhere between two to five years to live,” said Myeloma Canada Director of developing and Community Relations Michelle Oana.

“Today the treatments have more than doubled, tripled even of the availability and the life expectancy of people has also more than doubled,” she included.

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There is actually no treatment as of this time, but there is however plenty of hope.

“The next 5 years are going to be extremely pivotal with lots of new and exciting treatments are becoming available and it’s really going to drive change in terms of overall survival,” stated Oana.

Participants on Sunday state they’ve experienced the advancement of therapy.

“There is more people involved, more doctors, more organizations and the awareness is much bigger now,” mentioned jabbour that is amal has been participating for all 15 years.  Her husband passed away from the disease 7 years ago.

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Over $700 thousand have been raised across Canada this year. Organizers stress every dollar counts.

“It’s really thanks to those $5, $10, $20 dollars, whatever you can give that really collectively can drive our cause forward,” said Oana.

The money raised helps improve the full life of those managing the condition and forces the needle nearer to finding a cure.

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