Panel For The Children Joins Causes With Aperture Knowledge To Incorporate Assessments And Course To Create Social-Emotional Skills

Charlotte N.C. – Aperture Education, a Riverside knowledge business together with provider that is leading of skills assessment and intervention solutions, and Committee for Children, the leading provider of social-emotional curriculum programs in the U.S., announced today that they will partner to offer four co-developed assessments to support schools in demonstrating the impact of evidence-based social and emotional programs. 

Built from the Aperture DESSA suite, these assessments complement Committee for Children’s Second Step® programs, which are Research-based social-emotional Learning (SEL) curricula developed to nurture SEL in children’s lives that are daily both in and outside of the Classroom. By having incorporated examination and program methods, teachers can get insights that are valuable reliable, real-time data about instructional effectiveness and the impact of SEL curriculum on students.

“As schools introduce social-emotional learning into their curriculum, it’s imperative to show how these investments translate into improved outcomes for their students. Years of evidence show how Second Step improves critical life skills and mental wellbeing,” said Riverside Insights CEO Vivek Kartha. “We are proud to collaborate with the Committee for Children and contribute to improving Student outcomes by aligning our gold standard DESSA assessments with their world-class curriculum.”

Committee for Children’s Research– and evidence-based step that is second consist of SEL curricula for very early reading through middle School, with extra choices for out-of-school time and grownups. 2nd action products are widely-used in 45,000 schools across all 50 says and attain 26.9 million children globally annually. 2nd action assists college students develop essential abilities for achievement, like efficient interaction, problem-solving and resilience. Research shows that Teaching these life skills has positive, lasting effects on students, including improved Academic achievement in areas such as math, reading and writing.

Aperture’s strengths-based assessments for Second Step are standardized, nationally normed and exceed professional standards for psychometric rigor. They will enable educators in grades K-8 to assess a student’s social and skills that are emotional lower than 5 minutes and supply center class students the opportunity to self-report. Energized with the very own outcomes, pupils get company to provide a voice that is key their learning and development. Educators can access student data in real-time via Aperture’s platform that is highly scalable and consumers will see it simple to browse between your two company’s choices. This cooperation helps to ensure that consumers have access to outcomes lined up to appropriately program language and measure skills that are taught through Second Step.

“Our partnership with Aperture enables us to offer our school community partners something they’ve been seeking: a high-quality assessment tool aligned to their Second Step curriculum,” said Committee for Children CEO Andrea Lovanhill. “By bringing easy-to-use, data-driven DESSA assessments to schools using our Second Step programs, teachers and support staff will have access to data that quickly and reliably illustrates whether students are learning the skills taught through the program and growing their competencies, as well as where additional instructional support may be needed. This partnership provides school and district leaders with a validated assessment to identify which classrooms and schools need additional implementation support and gives them a way to evaluate the return on their investment in the Second Step program.”

This first-of-its-kind partnership will support district decision making as school budgets are growing tighter and education leaders look to vendors to prove that their products are producing outcomes for students and seek ways to get more value from existing products. 

The assessments will be available for Second Step schools to purchase in early 2024. For more information, email [email protected]

About Committee for Children

Committee for Children is a nonprofit that is global has actually championed the security and wellness of kids through intimidation prevention, youngster safety, and social-emotional reading for over 40 many years. With a past history of action and influence, we’re known as a leader in social-emotional education and a force in advocacy, research, and Innovation in the field. We take a approach that is comprehensive SEL, marketing social-emotional wellness from birth to very early adulthood—supporting not simply classrooms, but whole communities. As our very own products affect the everyday lives of greater than 26.9 million kids each year, we increase to generally meet challenges that are societal ensure children everywhere can thrive. Visit to learn more.

About Aperture Education

Aperture Education has empowered over 6,500 schools and time that is out-of-school across North America to calculate, reinforce, and help social and mental competence in K-12 youthfulness and teachers. The Aperture program contains the DESSA room of strength-based tests, lined up input techniques, and strong revealing, everything in one easy-to-use platform that is digital. This system enables education leaders to make strategic, data-based decisions to champion wellbeing that is mental service existence ability development, and foster stronger communities in their companies. Aperture has actually backed significantly more than three million pupils inside their personal and growth that is emotional continues to develop innovative solutions to bring the whole child into focus. To learn more, visit

About Riverside Insights

Riverside Insights, one of the nation’s leading and most long-standing developers of research-based assessments, is led by a mission that is powerful to deliver insights which help increase possible and enhance the everyday lives of pupils, clients, staff, and companies internationally. For additional information, check out

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