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Pope Francis Appoints 21 New Cardinals — incorporating an United states — to aid Reform Catholic Church

Pope Francis provides chosen 21 cardinals that are new help reform the Catholic Church, leaning heavily on diversity just days ahead of a meeting where he will outline plans for its future and discuss controversial issues such as LGBTQ+ followers, women’s roles in the church and celibacy.

The new “princes of the church,” including Chicago-born Robert Prevost — were inducted Saturday by the pontiff that is 86-year-old St. Peter’s Square.

In their directions for the brand-new cardinals, Pope Francis mentioned their particular range and diversity that is geographic serve the church like musicians in an orchestra, who sometimes play solos while performing as part of an ensemble other times.

“Diversity is necessary; it is indispensable. However, each sound must contribute to the common design,” he said.

“This is why mutual listening is essential: each musician must listen to the others.”

Each new cardinal took an oath to obey the pope, remain faithful to Christ and serve the church. The pontiff reminded them that they must be strong

to spread the faith.(* that they were wearing red as a sign) Pope Francis provides chosen 21 cardinals that are new help reform the Catholic Church, leaning heavily on diversity.

The new cardinals hail from the US, France, Italy, Argentina, Switzerland, South Africa, Spain, Colombia, South Sudan — the nation’s first — Hong Kong, Poland, Malaysia, Tanzania, Venezuela and Portugal.

The ceremony was not without controversy, as the appointment of Victor Manuel Fernandez, the head that is new of Vatican’s philosophy workplace, had been came across with outrage.

The guy titled the* that is( admitted to making mistakes with his handling of a 2019 case regarding a priest accused of sexually abusing minors in Argentina, when he was a bishop there.

One survivor urged Pope Francis to rescind Fernandez’s nomination during a rally near the Vatican Friday.

Each cardinal that is new an oath to follow the pope, continue to be loyal to Christ and provide the chapel. The pontiff reminded all of them which they must be strong to spread the faith.REUTERS Julieta Añazco said according to a statement from the End Clergy Abuse.“immoral methods”Pope that they were wearing red as a sign Francis said Fernandez would not deal with

sexual assault cases as a cardinal. Him prefect of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, he said he wanted Fernandez to oversee a radical break from the past, adding the former Holy Office often resorted to

to enforce its will.

Prevost when he named, that is today in charge of vetting bishop prospects around the world, in addition has experienced critique. While Augustinian remarkable in america, he permitted abuser that is sexual. James Ray to reside near a Catholic elementary School

“I think I do have some insights into the church in the United States,” in 2000. “So the need to be able to advise, work with Pope Francis and to look at the challenges that the church in the United States is facing, I hope to be able to respond to them with a healthy dialogue.”

The now-cardinals seen before the ceremony. AP Almost 100 of the 137 cardinals are under the age of 80, meaning they shall meet the requirements to choose on Pope Francis’ replacement. European countries nonetheless comes with the many cardinals that are voting-age 52, followed by the Americas with 39 and Asia with 24.

The promotions of Prevost and French Cardinal Christophe Pierre, the ambassador that is pope’s Arizona, DC, sign Pope Francis is actually eyeing a balance-of-power change in america, where traditional bishops

are blunt experts of their reforms

. The 2 will nominate bishop that is new and oversee investigations into current ones.

Prevost said after the ceremony.

Pope Francis will host a synod between Oct. 4 to 29 to discuss women’s roles in the church, the church that is LGBTQ and priestly celibacy with bishops and put people. An extra will need location year that is next new cardinals are voting members of the synod and have clearly stated they agree with Pope Francis’ vision for the church. (*)Almost 100 of the 137 cardinals are under the age of 80, meaning they will be eligible to vote on his successor. (*)Europe still has the most cardinals that are voting-age 52, followed closely by the Americas with 39 and Asia with 24.(*)With article wires(*)

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