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Pupils discover Meth In Teacher’s Hair Scrunchie During ‘Family Fun Night’: police

An Indiana middle School Teacher had been detained week that is last she was allegedly caught with meth hidden inside her hair scrunchie during a “Family Fun Night” event at school.

Sarah Duncan, 35, allegedly took a picture during an event at Helfrich Park STEM Academy on Sept. 12 with two students — who noticed her unusual hair scrunchie afterward inside the photo booth,

“Both juveniles stated that Duncan let her hair down for the photo,” Evansville Police Department officers wrote in a cause that is probable gotten by Fox Information Digital.

“After the photo, the juveniles cleaned up the area and located a blueish-colored velvet-type scrunchie with a white zipper on the table,” the affidavit proceeded.

“They noticed the scrunchie was heavier than a typical scrunchie, they opened the zipper pouch and observed a glass vial that contained a white powder substance that the two believed to be drugs along with a cut straw with white powder,” the affidavit study.

The college students right away notified another instructor, exactly who instructed these to toss it when you look at the scrap.

That teacher then protected the scrunchie inside her Classroom and notified the school’s principal and associate principal.

Former eighth-grade teacher Sarah Duncan had been detained after she presumably introduced meth to a college occasion. Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s workplace

After the big event finished at when it comes to 6 p.m., Duncan had been viewed by two janitors “frantically searching for some sort of hair tie.”

Security digital camera video footage used in the college while in the occasion demonstrates Duncan, who had been an teacher that is eighth-grade wearing the scrunchie earlier that night.

A field test for methamphetamine administered on the scrunchie came back positive.

Days later, the school’s deputy chief of staff and Evansville Police Chief Tim Alford went with Duncan to a clinic that is nearby she might take a drug examination.

Her very first two samples that are urine too small and did not “reach the temperature for testing,” police said. While she made a attempt that is third officers “observed an unauthorized collection container” drop out of her short pants. Wednesday

“Duncan stated that she was not aware of the pouch/container in her shorts until after she was providing her second sample,”The teacher was booked into Vanderburgh County Jail last. Helfrich Park STEM Academy/Facebook

“Duncan stated that she does not know how or when the pouch/container got into her shorts that day. Duncan stated that there may be another one of them at her residence but that they were not purchased by her, but by someone she knows who probably uses them to pass drug screens.”

police wrote in their affidavit.

The teacher was booked into Vanderburgh County Jail Wednesday that is last on number of unlawful ownership and another number of ownership of medication paraphernalia. She premiered on a $1,000 relationship. Duncan had been presumably discharged equivalent time as her arrest, WFIE reported


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