Sifu Alsup: 5 items to understand The Energetic ‘Survivor’ period 45 Castaway

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Nicholas “Sifu” Alsup couldn’t consist of their enjoyment throughout the premier of Survivor 45, and no one could pin the blame on him. The 30-year-old found its way to Fiji with an personality that is infectious’s made him an early fan-favorite with the fans. Sifu employed the strategy of spying on his fellow tribemates in the bushes at camp, which was made famous by Tony Vlachos, winner of season 28 and season 40.

Sifu is so happy to be on Survivor, and he can go very far in the game and win the $1 million grand prize if he plays his cards right. Read on to find out more about Sifu!

Sifu stays in Illinois.

Sifu stays in O’Fallon, Illinois. He’s one of two Survivor 45 contestants exactly who live in Illinois. One other is actually Austin Li Coon, which stays in Chicago.

Sifu possesses a health club.

Sifu has a gym called 5 characteristics exercise. Sifu’s fitness center provides services for real treatment and training that is personal. He also sells merchandise from the gym. Sifu proudly documents his business on his Instagram.

Entertainment news hollywood”>Sifu Alsup making fire on ‘Survivor 45’ (Photo: Robert Voets/CBS)

Sifu does Tai Chi.

“I’ve been doing Tai Chi my whole life and martial arts ever since I was six years old,” Sifu said in an interview with Parade. He explained that Tai Chi to his experience can help him succeed when you look at the issues on Survivor. Sifu frequently shares videos on their social networking of themselves Tai that is doing Chi

Sifu makes music.

In addition to being a gym owner, Sifu is also a musician who has gone on tour across the country. He’s released songs that are several “With You,” “TiMa,” “Better Be Positive,” and “QuickSand” which can be all on Spotify. Their album that is latest, Heal Now, has 12 songs and came out on September 22.

Sifu is engaged.

Sifu Mentioned that a fiancé is had by him during their meeting with Parade. He asserted that the happy couple began Survivor that is watching with 40, which was the all-winners season. From there, Sifu decided to go back and watch all the seasons that are past

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