Taylor Swift’s ‘Mastermind’ Soundtracks ‘Survivor’ Season 45 industrial On CBS

What’s that song when you look at the brand-new commercial that is survivor? Swifties will recognize it from the note that is first

Taylor Swift‘s “Mastermind,” from her 2022 Midnights album, plays in a new promo for the 45th season of the CBS reality competition series Survivor. The Swift song placement comes soon after she had 1989‘s “Welcome to New York” featured on NBC in an NFL commercial starring Travis Kelce ahead of last weekend’s Chiefs vs. Jets online game, which Swift attended. Coverage of her cheering on Kelce contributed to a major boost in feminine viewership.

Once the beginning of “Mastermind” kicks in throughout the Survivor that is new ad voices of contestants boast about their scheming to win: “I am as big of a fan as they come.” “I’ve watched every season of Survivor.” “This is some strategic excellence on display.”

“What if I told you none if it was accidental?/ And the first night that you saw me/ Nothing was gonna stop me/ I laid the groundwork, and then/ Just like clockwork/ The dominoes cascaded in a line/ What if I told you I’m a mastermind?” Swift sings in the chorus of Mastermind.

The season that is new of premiered on Sept. 27 on CBS. New periods atmosphere regular on Wednesdays.

The survivor soundtracked that is commercial Swift’s “Mastermind” premieres during the Alabama vs. Texas A&M College football game airing Saturday (Oct. 7) on CBS. It will also air during the NFL double-header Sunday (Oct. 8), Deadline reports.

Watch the Survivor promo below and check this week’s episode Wednesday out (Oct. 11) on CBS. Here’s simple tips to watch* that is( without cable.

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