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Teens Accused Of Killing Retired Police main Laugh, Flip away Victim’s Family In legal

Two Las Vegas kids accused of fatally working over a police that is retired laughed at each other, smiled, and seemingly flipped off their victim’s family during a court hearing earlier this week.

Jesus Ayala, 18, and Jzamir Keys, 16, were back in court on Tuesday more than two months after they allegedly recorded themselves intentionally plowing into Andreas Probst, a 64-year-old police that is retired, who had been away on a morning cycle journey.

The teens’ antics started whenever they sat down when it comes down to hearing in Clark County courtroom, since the side that is right of faces to hide themselves from the cameras before appearing to cover their mouths to suppress their laughter.

The teens, who were both minors when Probst was killed, were charged with murder and being tried as adults.

Probst’s family slammed the teen’s appalling actions of reportedly flipping them off, saying they “really had no remorse.”

“How can you sit there after taking a man’s life, and act like such an entitled p—k? Taylor Probst, Andreas’ 27-year-old daughter told reporters outside the courthouse. “They really had no remorse, that this is just a game to them.”

Ayala’s public defender, David Westbrook also appeared to be laughing alongside the teen in the courtroom on Tuesday, video from KTNV shows.

Probst’s family slammed the teen’s appalling actions of reportedly flipping them off, saying they “really had no remorse.”KTNV/YouTube Ayala and Keys, with their hands cuffed to a* that is( subsequently looked to the gallery and smirked in the Probst household because they left the courtroom.8 Development Now/YouTube

Westbrook shown the release to his frustration of the body cam footage, saying he should be able to see it before the media, which obtained the video through a public records request.

The public defender also said he is concerned about finding jurors that are fair the actual truth as a result of the viral news interest, which angered Probst’s widow.

“It was your people who put it in the media first, your clients are the ones that put that on social media,” Amazingly Probst stated, talking about the in-car look at the horrific August killing.

“They were just trying to mad dog us and intimidate us which didn’t work,” Taylor Probst included.

Ayala’s defender that is public David Westbrook also appeared to be laughing alongside the teen in the courtroom on Tuesday.KTNV/YouTube Andreas Probst, a 64-year-old retired police chief, was out on a bike ride the morning Ayala and Keys mowed him down.Eva Vlaardingerbroek/Facebook

Ayala and Keys, with their hands cuffed to a “belly chain,” then turned to the gallery and smirked at the Probst family as they left the courtroom.

Crystal Probst, wearing her husband’s that is late damaged*)Apple view, remained unfazed of the boy’s intimidation tactics.she informed the nevada Review-Journal,

“It just makes him look bad,” claiming Ayala indicated their center little finger he would be released from jail in a month.(* towards her.

During his initial arrest on Aug. 14, Ayala told cops) Jesus Ayala was charged as the driver of the car when Probst was killed.Clark County District Attorney

after he was arrested in Sept.


“You think I’m gonna come out on the news?”body cam footage released

“It won’t be for anything good, it won’t make your mama proud,” Monday, the 18-year-old questioned the officer if the crash was

Ayala asked the officer transporting him following his arrest.(* although he was the passenger, Jzamir Keys is still charged in Probst’s murder.Clark County District Attorney While Ayala was driving, Keys allegedly recorded the moment Probst was struck by the car on Aug. 14.Crystal Probst/Facebook

“I don’t know why he did this,” Ayala told officers) Probst widow, amazingly, stated she had been unfazed of the boy’s intimidation strategies during’s court hearing.KTNV/YouTube (*) Ayala later asked the officer.(*) the officer responded.(*)Ayala’s tuesday mother(*) has made headlines herself, saying she didn’t understand why her son did what he did.(*) Ayala said. (*) Crystal Probst wore her husband’s that is late damaged Watch.KTNV/YouTube (*)Taylor Probst blames Ayala’s and Key’s household while the major individuals who were unsuccessful the kids.(*)

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