Travis Pastrana And Ken Block Had Large Plans For Subsequent Gymkhana Movie

The ending, which might have concerned Lia Block, would have been an attractive method of passing the baton from father to daughter. Sadly, the unique thought won’t ever come to fruition, however there’s all the time an opportunity that the proficient Lia may nonetheless grow to be the star of Gymkhana.

“And at the end of that, [like] how I came into Ken’s after [the tenth installment], where we got out of the car, and the credits were going to be rolling to family, but basically having Lia at the end taking the car. And that was going to be a transition if she wanted to, for her to take over the series,” remarked Pastrana.

We definitely hope Lia is on board for this, however we’ll have to attend for the official announcement. Earlier this yr, the driving whizz-kid piloted her father’s Vehicles/porsche/911-carrera” rel=”noopener”>Porsche 911 Hoonipigasus up Pikes Peak in an attractive tribute to her late dad.

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