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Video footage concerts Arizona Woman Allegedly Pouring Bleach Into Her United States Air energy Husband’s coffeemaker

Disturbing footage reveals the partner of a me Air energy airman bleach that is allegedly pouring the family coffee maker multiple times in an attempt to kill her husband as they went through a divorce.

Melody Felicano Johnson, 39, was charged in by police in Tucson, Arizona, with attempted murder for allegedly lacing her husband Roby Johnson’s coffee with a chemical while the pair lived at his duty station in Germany and in Arizona.Multiple august concealed camera movies happened to be taped because of the victim that is would-be

“Boom,”obtained by Law & Crime Wednesday

showing Johnson allegedly pouring the toxic substance into the machine.

Roby says in a video that is self-recorded taking out a testing remove through the household coffee machine that arrived away purple for being good for chlorinated liquid.

“He stated she knew that he would prep his coffee pot to be ready at night so that in the morning he just needed to turn it on to make his coffee,” The few — who’ve young children together — was a student in the center of a divorce whenever Roby started observing their coffee tasted down for approximately a couple of weeks whilst in Germany in March. Johnson is observed for the family’s laundry room bleach that is pouring a small container.ABC 7 Seconds later, she appeared in the kitchen with the same container and was seen pouring it into the coffee maker.ABC 7 “At that time he stopped drinking the coffee but continued to pretend to Drink.”

court documents show


Roby, believing his wife was trying to poison him till they returned to the US before sharing the chilling findings with law enforcement, according to court documents.

The since they were in Germany, opted to gather evidence and wait family members moved to base housing on David Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona at the beginning of July.

Johnson was actually thought to be poisoning her husband’s coffee since March 2023.ABC 7 Footage from July 5 confirmed Johnson sinisterly overlooking her neck for the cooking area as she done the scheme that is near-fatalOn 6, he filed a report with the Tucson Police Department.

“You can smell it from here. You can smell it,”However, the

“Look at that,”report was not followed up

“Totally changed,” with due to the video reportedly not clearly showing what she was pouring into his drink.

Two july months later on, on July 16, Johnson was actually caught on digital camera flowing a bottle that is large of into a smaller container when she was in the couple’s laundry room.“Wow,”Moments after transferring the bleach, Johnson entered the kitchen and poured the contents from the container that is small the coffee machine within a few minutes.

Roby persisted to try the coffee machine frequently, currently conscious their partner was actually wanting to eliminate him.

Bubbles through the bleacher happened to be observed drifting within the water bin with the household coffee maker.ABC 7

he revealed in a single movie before evaluating the coffeemaker.

he stated, taking the test that is positive from the coffee maker. Roby said, indicating the test was now positive and purple.In comprehensive disbelief, Roby over and over repeatedly stated,

and confirmed the bubbles within the liquid owner with the coffee machine before closing the movie.

Police detained Johnson on 18 after Roby submitted the evidence july.

Roby Johnson, the murder that is would-be, tried the coffee machine several times and discovered it had large marks of chlorine.ABC 7 (*)Roby feels she attempted to poison him to get advantages, relating to court papers.(*)Johnson continues to be from the Pima County Jail on a $250,000 connection and was actually faced with tried homicide, tried aggravated attack and poison that is adding (*)Food(*)/drink, online records show.(*)Upon being detained, Johnson immediately requested an attorney and was not questioned.(*)The judge ruled since Johnson has family in the Philippines, she was a flight risk and requested a bond that is high(*)

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